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Reunite with your Authentic self.

Your breath is the gateway to you, your intuition, your heart, your peace and joy.

It's an honour to have you here and

to be able to introduce you to the

beautiful gift that is Breathwork!

Whether you are navigating grief, looking to transform your sense of self-worth, release anxiety, find more balance in your busy world or you would just love to get to know yourself better, Breathwork it will take you on the most magical healing journey of self-discovery so you can reunite with your authentic self and what truly lights you up.

It will open your heart, liberate you from your challenges and bring a deeper sense of safety, love and clarity deep within.


Breathwork can empower you to transform your life in so many profound and beautiful ways so you can live your life to the fullest!

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Wherever you are in your life right now, I want you to know that there is so much power within your breath to set yourself free from your pain and to guide you on your journey through life with a deeper sense of self-love, compassion, inner peace and gratitude.

Get started today with my 20-minute breathwork meditation freebie.

“I'm blown away by how powerful the Breathwork practice is. I can feel myself healing and releasing so much stored energy. Every time I show up for myself I have a different experience. It's magical!"

Alice C.

Breathwork FAQ.

Breathwork can help you to:

Alleviate anxiety, stress & depression
Build immunity 
Reconnect to your inner self 
Release unhelpful behaviour patterns
Shed old stories and emotions 
Feel more energised
Generate a new sense of freedom & inspiration 
Move beyond what you thought was possible
Relax and sleep more deeply 
Detoxify mind and body 
Develop confidence and self-trust



A yoga mat

A cushion and a blanket

An eye pillow/ sleep mask or small towel to cover your eyes

Water bottle


• Each practise will take place on Zoom (your Zoom link will be sent out the week prior to the event)

• Video Recording - For each Breathwork practice you will receive a recording of the session so you can practise in your own time or catch up if you do not attend the live session

• Breathwork Practise is 90 minutes and a Guided Meditation is 30-35 minutes. 


• Anyone who would like to breathe with me. Even if you have never experience this type of breathwork before. It will change you.

• Anyone who identifies as an empath or highly sensitive, and would like some tools to balance and clear their energy.

• Anyone who wants to cultivate more clarity, calm and connection with their body and their own inner voice.

• Anyone who would like to shift or shake up stagnant energy.



• It is not for you if you are not willing to lean in to discomfort. Breathwork is breath WORK which means you cannot be passive in this process.

• It is not for you if you feel resistant to a little bit of magic.

• It is not for you if you are pregnant. We are shifting a lot of energy around the lower energy centres and I would like you to be safe. If you have a complex health condition please consult with your doctor before joining.

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