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Awakening you to your innate power, passion and potential so you can align with your heart's desires and live the life you didn't even know you dreamt of.

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Come back home to your heart and true self through the power of Breathwork, Meditation, Intuitive Readings & Nervous System Regulation. 

Life can be a wild ride at times and if things haven't always been easy for you. I see you. I hear you. And if this is you, please know that it can be completely normal after challenging and painful experiences in life to to feel lost, disconnected from your body, mind and soul, what you need and what it is that truly lights you up in life.

Taking the first step on your healing journey can often be the hardest. Not knowing what to expect or what healing entails can feel daunting. But you are here because I imagine that you’ve reached the point where you know something has to change and that you don’t want to be the woman is always anxious, stressed and exhausted and to spend the rest of your life feeling this way.

I want you to know that it's ok to want more for yourself. It's ok to want more from life. More love, laughter, inner peace, freedom, confidence and to be more present for the people, experiences and places that truly matter! I want you to know that it is possible to trust your body, your heart and your life again and to know that you are always worthy. I want you to know that you can  create a life that feels so good from the inside out. I know because I've moved through this journey myself and this is the deeply transformative and heart centred healing journey that I now take my clients on. 

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'She silently stepped out of the race that she never wanted to be in and proceeded to win.'

I know some days it might feel as if this is a million miles away as you are running on autopilot, rushing around pleasing everyone else first, pushing your own feelings down, wearing your mask, putting your own needs, dreams and desires to the bottom of the pile. Which simply leads to increased anxiety, exhaustion, loneliness and maybe feeling more lost in life and not sure what you need next.

But by connecting more deeply with your feelings, your own needs, your truth and your authentic self you will restore your self-worth, learn to trust life once more and you will feel more peaceful, free and empowered in every area of your life. And. the most beautiful thing is that you will begin to align your life, in the most magical ways, with everything that is truly meant for you!

Hi, I'm Laura!

I am a Mother, Writer, Healer, Intuitive Soul Guide and Empowerment Mentor, which means I guide women on their healing and wellness journey so they can re-discover who they are underneath the layers of life and feel more peaceful, free and empowered from the inside out. 

Life is busy and we all face grief, trauma, challenges and difficulties which take us further away from our true self, and  can leave us feeling sad, lost, anxious and burnt out. But when we can learn to let go of the emotions and the energy attached to how we are feeling and connect more deeply with our heart and soul, we can come back home to who we really are and we can begin to align our life with everything that is truly meant for us.


We gain more clarity, a deeper connection to our intuition and we open ourselves up to receive more love, vitality, peace and abundance so we can move forward and create a life that feels good from the inside out!

My own experiences with burnout, anxiety and grief sent me on a healing journey where I learnt to use the power of self-compassion, love and kindness to transform the relationship I have with myself, my life and how I feel from within. And I now blend my own inner wisdom alongside my knowledge and expertise in Women's Health, Breathwork, Meditation, Intuitive Readings, Movement and Somatic Healing modalities to guide my clients back home to their soul and true self so they can heal their inner world and feel more empowered. I'm so glad you are here!

Love Laura xx


Awaken to your innate power, passion and potential so that you can live the life you didn’t even know you dreamt of.

To heal your body, mind and soul you first have to soften, rest and learn to release and let go of the energy and emotions that are weighing heavy in your heart and that are holding you back from living the life that you truly want to live.

This is how you drop into your nurturing, nourishing, intuitive and flowing feminine energy and begin to open the door to more vitality, freedom, inner peace and aliveness! Bringing with it more clarity and a deeper sense of intuition, surrender, trust and flow in life.

“There is something magical about Laura. She is extremely intuitive and was able to channel and provide me with pieces of advice, guidance and actions that I could use in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend a session with her!"

Emma K, One to One Client (The Empowered Woman)

Start Your Journey

If you would like to book a free 15-minute discovery call to find the best programme for you contact me using the link below.

Fall in love with your life. Not because it looks good, but because it feels good from the inside out.

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