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Why I became the queen of rest.

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

And all of the benefits I have received.

I became the queen of rest over the last decade.

And it is a badge I wear with honour.

Pure basic, lying on the bed, power napping rest.

The waves of life, grief, exhaustion, burnout and of course throw twin boys into the mix and it all took it’s toll on my body.

I became more exhausted, proper full body to the bone exhausted.

That feeling when you wake up and you don’t feel rested or rejuvenated.

My body forced me to slow down, there was no option.

To get through the days I had to lie on the bed and rest.

So I stopped pushing through and began to honour this need.

I began to listen to my body.

I stopped worrying that I couldn’t keep up with everyone else and I began to treat myself with the kindness and compassion I needed.

I began to see rest as a gift to myself and not a waste of time.

I allowed my body the deep relaxation it needed to heal.

I gave myself full permission to stop doing constantly and to simply be, guilt free.

It began to rejuvenate me from the inside out, and it created a deeper sense of balance, calm, gratitude and deep love within me that I didn’t know was there.

It gave me back my inner glow, my zest for life.

That to me is worth everything.♥️♥️♥️

Rest comes in so many different forms, a power nap, a deeply restorative guided meditation, or possibly an active form of rest like breathwork or yoga.

I use all of these tools now to keep my body in balance, to allow it to switch off from the busy world.

How are you choosing to look after you this weekend? Could you try building in 5 minutes of rest each day to begin and see how you feel?

If you need more help with this you can find more information in my bio or I would love to hear from you.

Love Laura xxx

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