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Soul Guidance | Intuitive Readings

with Laura 

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1:1 Guiding Light Sessions

I have been working intuitively for many years and I offer one to one Soul Guidance and Intuitive readings. I am a qualified Angelic Reiki and Rahanni Energy Healing practitioner and I work with your body's own energy and innate wisdom so I can receive the intuitive messages that you need most within your life right now. assist and guide you on your soul's healing journey.

This Intuitive Reading is for you if you are feeling stuck, going through a challenging time right now or you simply want a deeper sense of clarity and direction in life. It will give you  the soul guidance, insights, awareness and the understanding you desire to  take the next steps you need to move forward in life related to your personal journey.

I work with your energy and I connect with your higher self, angels, archangels and spiritual guides to clear  emotional blockages, feelings that you have pushed down, as well as self-doubt, negative thinking, sadness, grief and anxiety so you can bring this into your awareness, get to know your true self and feel more free within yourself.

I will channel the guidance you need to support you as you connect back to your heart, your feelings and your own needs, dreams and desires as well as your purpose. And I will guide you to connect back to the energy of self-love so you can fill your cup and bring a deeper sense of love, joy, inner peace and gratitude into your life.

which can be done either in-person, online or through a recorded intuitive reading that I can send to you


I read, see and feel energy, chakras and the auric field and I use all of my Clair senses to intuit and as a channel I am able to bring forward any messages, insights or information which can guide you in your life in the present moment.

Once you have booked your session, I will be in touch to confirm when you will received your reading. Or if you have any questions you can email


 A reading is based upon what comes through for you and it's always led by what is presented for you during a session. Readings may include energy scans of your energetic body, energy healing, messages from loved ones who have passed over and guidance relating to your own personal journey. I work remotely and channel the information absently and then send you your reading as an MP3 recorded session for you to keep as your own record, along with photographs of any oracle cards that I may have pulled with you and their meaning.

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1:1 Intuitive Guidance

This is a one off session with Laura. You will receive a full MP3 recorded channelled voice recording after your session.  


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