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The Softening.

A Group Healing Programme for Women ready to live a life

that feels slower, softer and more aligned with their

soul and authentic self.

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The Softening is an 8-week healing programme for women ready to change how they feel and how they live their lives from the inside out.

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Maybe you've had enough of rushing around and you are ready to slow down?

Maybe you want more from life than simply living life on autopilot? 

Maybe you are always putting everyone else first and you want to learn how to prioritise time for you?

Maybe you are teetering on the brink of burnout and you want to learn how to connect with your body and your own needs (guilt free!)? 

Maybe your anxiety is raging and you are ready to experience more balance within your busy world?

Maybe you are ready to release any self-judgements, expectations, limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding you back right now?

Maybe there is a little ember burning away there in your heart and soul, reminding you that there has to be more out there than the fast pace of life you are stuck within? 

Are you ready to create a life that feels good from the inside out?

The softening is an 8-week healing programme for women who are ready to soften into their authentic self, and connect with who they really are underneath the layers of rushing, doing and the noise of the busy world.

Are you ready to; 

Slow down and be more present for yourself, your life and your loved ones.

Get to know your true self.


Connect with your own needs, your body and your truth.

Take care of your body, mind and soul (guilt free!) every day.

Experience more vitality, love, joy and energy within each day.

Develop a strong foundation of self-love and self-worth deep.

Strengthen your intuition.

Create a life which feels more aligned with what's really important to you in life.

“Laura came into my life at the right time and has transformed it from the inside out. I have released and let go of emotional challenges & anxieties from the past and I feel more confident and able to live my life to the full. I have deepened my sense of self-love and my understanding that it all begins within. Laura has been a guardian angel to me and I trust Laura to guide me through this life changing journey."

Venita S.

The Softening

An 8-week healing programme for women ready to change how feel and how they live their lives from the inside out.


What's included:

8 x Live Breathwork Sessions

5 x 75 minute themed Transformational Breathwork Healing sessions. 

Downloadable PDF's

Resources for you to help you to slow down and soften from the inside out.

Pre-recorded Somatic Tools & Practices

Pre-recorded somatic practices to support you on your healing journey.

Telegram support

Group telegram support to provide guidance on your journey.

Pre-recorded Guided Meditations

Pre-recorded guided meditations to support you on your journey.

Weekly Journal Prompts

Weekly journal prompts for you to reflect and journal on. 

Create a deeper connection with yourself and your own needs so you can make the most of life and feel nourished, loved and worthy from the inside. 

Client Love

"There is something magical about Laura.

She is extremely intuitive and was able to channel and provide me with pieces of advice, guidance and actions that I could use in my personal and professional life.

I would highly recommend a session with her!"

Emma K

The Softening is for you if you want to...​

  • Re-connect back to you.

  • Get clarity on what is keeping you feeling stuck in life.

  • Honour your own needs, feelings and desires on a deeper level.

  • Feel more inner peace and calm within. 

  • Feel worthy, loved and enough exactly as you are. 

  • Feel more joy in the every day. 

  • Feel energised.

  • Glow from the inside out. 

  • Live your life in alignment with what is important for you.  

  • Open your heart to self-love and your own intuition.

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