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Hi, I’m Laura.


I’m an open-hearted, loving and sensitive soul and I’m also a mother, writer, breathwork facilitator, meditation teacher and intuitive healer and guide.

I guide women on their own healing path of self-discovery and support them as they nurture their inner world, connect with their intuition and the true magic they hold inside.

I’m on a mission to help women learn how they can love, support, nourish and heal themselves so they can feel their best from the inside out and realise what they are worthy of.


Let me ask you a question lovely, how do you feel? Like really feel? Perhaps the daily juggle, the lack of time for yourself, the racing around, playing so many different roles, trying to be everything to everyone and keep everyone happy feels too much? Maybe you’re feeling exhausted or anxious, that nothing you do is ever enough, or you constantly push your own feelings down and you’re wondering why you’re struggling to find the time to care for yourself and you don’t have unlimited energy and a clear mind?


I want you to know it is ok to want more for yourself and there is a way through. Perhaps you have been looking on the outside for so long that you’ve learned to ignore what’s happening on the inside.

I know because it happened to me.

I started out in the wellness industry nearly 20 years ago in 2003, following my passion in all things health and wellness. I worked with thousands of women supporting them to get fit, move and nourish their bodies daily and to help them to feel their best, and I’m truly thankful for this journey.


But as life twisted and turned for me through the amazing joys and highs of marriage, motherhood, and running a successful business, through to the difficult and profound grief at the death of my brother, pregnancy losses and my own periods of exhaustion and anxiety, I found I was struggling on the inside. On the outside I felt strong, I ate well and I looked healthy. I had a lot to be grateful for and happy about, but there was a missing piece of the wellness puzzle. My energy was heavy, I felt stuck and my mind was overwhelmed.


So, I chose to do the inner work, the self-healing. And for well over a decade, I have explored the deeper layers of my emotions on my own healing path. It hasn’t been a smooth ride, but it has given me a level of freedom within my mind, from my own negative thought patterns, and it has given me the opportunity to connect deeply within myself, allowing me to tap into the flow of my life rather than rushing or constantly pushing to do more, be more or have more. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable and I’ve learnt to ride the waves of life with more ease.

What began as a quest to heal my internal pain has evolved into a journey that has brought me so much more than I ever thought possible.


I’ve developed a strong foundation of self-love and self-worth (meaning I have more to share with the world!) and I’ve thrown away the belief that my needs come second to anyone else’s. My nervous system is more balanced and I’ve connected to my own inner wisdom and intuition, helping me to trust myself and feel safe in my body once more. I’ve created more time for stillness, and I have a deeper sense of inner peace within and I’m able to treat myself with the kindness and compassion I know I deserve.


These are just some of the amazing gifts that breathwork, meditation and angelic reiki have given me.


Whether it’s through a live or online group or one to one transformational breathwork session (I studied with David Elliot), a guided meditation or a one-to-one intuitive healing session, I feel so blessed to welcome in and hold this space for every woman I help on her healing journey.


I have created this community as an extension of my heart so that I can share my work and hold space for you to learn self-compassion, to look within, to feel your emotions and to connect back to yourself and to what is really important to you in your life. Because when you fill your cup with love first, you have more to share with the world around you.


I’m so glad you are here.


With love, Laura xxxxxx

Trust Yourself.

Your heart holds all the answers.

You have everything you need inside.

All you have to do is stop, trust and listen. 


"She wouldn't let others define her. She wrote her

own story and she lived it."

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