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An 8-Week Group Healing Programme for Women ready to live a life that feels slower, softer and more aligned with their soul and authentic self. 

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For women who are ready to slow down, soften into their true self and step forward from the old version of themselves and into the one that's waiting, as we step into 2024.

Imagine a life where you feel more rested, loved and empowered. A life where you feel more relaxed, worthy and confident deep within your body, mind and soul.


Hi! I'm Laura Uglow
A Women's Wellness Guide & Empowerment Mentor

I would love to invite you to join me on an 8-week live online wellness  journey which will lovingly guide you to find more time for you (guilt free!) each day so you can feel more relaxed, confident, calm and peaceful from the inside out and find more balance in your busy days. 


She silently stepped out of the race that she never wanted to be in and proceeded to win.

Do you ever feel like you just want to get off the daily treadmill?
Like you just want life to slow down so you can take a deep breath and take some time for you to recharge your batteries? 

Perhaps the daily juggle, the lack of time for yourself, the racing around, playing so many different roles, trying to be everything to everyone and keep everyone happy feels too much? Maybe you’re feeling exhausted or anxious, that nothing you do is ever enough, or you constantly push your own feelings down and you’re wondering why you’re struggling to find the time to care for yourself and you don’t have unlimited energy and a clear mind?


Life can be a wild ride at times! So if things haven't always been easy for you and you've lost your spark, your mojo and your inner confidence . I see you. I hear you.

Maybe you've reached that point where you just can't live feeling lost, anxious and burnt out any more, but you don't know how to make the changes you need to really begin to take care of you? 

Introducing The Softening.

This is a programme for women who are ready to remind their body it's safe to rest, prioritise self-care and change how they live their lives so they can find more balance in their busy world, feel good from the inside out and experience more confidence, calm and peace deep within.

The Softening is an 8-Week Online Group Healing Programme for women who want more from life than constantly chasing their tail, being too 'busy', rushing here, there and everywhere, pleasing everyone else first, feeling lost, anxious, overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out. 
For so many of us the pace we are expected to live at in our modern world is fast, pressured and overwhelming. And quite frankly keeping up with this pace of life is completely exhausting! It raises feelings of anxiety, fear, self-doubt, lack of self-worth, sadness and depression. Leaving us with very little time or energy to be present for what really matters to us in our lives, our loved ones, self-care, joy, movement, stillness or or the things you love doing that truly light you up. 

And The Softening is the journey of letting go, softening around the edges and awakening to your own feelings, needs, dreams and desires. 

8 Weeks of self-compassion. Meeting yourself where you are. Releasing and letting go of shame, guilt, judgement and self-doubt. Carving out more time for you. Learning that it's safe for you to rest and relax. Softening your expectations, your judgements and your unkind words. And softening into your true self. 


Discover a new way of living that feels
Slower. Softer. Calmer.

Within The Softening, I will will guide you on an empowering 8-Week Wellness Journey where you can learn to make the changes you need to in your life to feel more confident, calm and peaceful from deep within your body, mind and soul.


Benefits of The Softening.

  • Learn to meet yourself in the moment with love and compassion.

  • Create more time for you every day.

  • Make self-care a part of your daily routine (guilt free!).

  • Feel more worthy, empowered and confident in your own skin.

  • Experience more energy and vitality each day.

  • Find more balance in your busy world.

  • Feel more peace of mind and calm within. 

  • Uncover your own dreams and desires. 

  • Find more joy and gratitude in the every day. 

  • Create a life which feels aligned with what is really important to you in your life.

  • Open your heart to self-love and your own intuition.

  • Come back home to you and step into your true and authentic self. 

Why choose 'The Softening' when you could try
and make these changes yourself? 

  • ​I will hold your hand and walk side by side with you on this journey so you never have to feel alone.

  • You will make lifestyle changes that work, and will last a lifetime. 

  • You can stop guessing what you need and take positive action towards your own wellbeing.

  • You will build a toolkit of self-care rituals that will support and guide you through life's ups and downs during this programme, and beyond. 

  • Guided by myself and a beautiful community of women, you can begin to feel supported and less alone with your emotions and enjoy your healing journey. 

  • You will learn how to hold the space for you to get to know yourself and so you can connect with what you need each day to feel, healthy , happy and whole. 


Learn to;
Soften your body.
Soften your breath.
Soften your expectations.
Soften the the words you speak to yourself.
Soften the way you treat yourself.
Soften into your true self, the real you, underneath the noise of every day life.

What's Included;


Transformational Breathwork

Breathwork sessions to release, let go and deeply soften into your body, mind and soul.

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Every week you will receive new journalling prompts to guide you on your journey.



Live and pre-recorded meditation sessions to support you through the programme.


Somatic Healing Rituals

Somatic healing and self-compassion practices to guide you on your healing journey.



Movement to release, relax and restore your body.



A beautiful community of like-minded women and with me by your side guiding you.

Ready to slow down and soften into life?
Here's what you need to know.
Where & When?

This is a live online journey starting on Friday 19th January 2024 through until to Friday 15th March.
We will come together each week for 60-75 minutes.

(With a 1-Week Integration Break w/c 12th February)

Week 1 (19th Jan at 12pm) - Self-Love.
Week 2 (26th Jan at 12pm) - Feeling Safe & Connecting to your Body.
Week 3  (2nd Feb at 12pm) - Slowing Down.
Week 4 (9th Feb at 12pm) -  Self-Acceptance.
Week 5 (23rd Feb at 12pm) - Self-Forgiveness; Releasing Self-Doubt & Beliefs holding you back.
Week 6 (1st March at 12pm) - Trust Yourself; Connecting to Your Heart & Intuition.
Week 7 (8th March at 12pm) - Consciously creating a Life that Feels Good from the Inside Out.
Week 8 (15th March at 12pm) - Freedom; What are you Choosing to Move Forward with?


About Laura Uglow

I am a Women's Wellness Guide and Empowerment Mentor which means that I guide women on their healing and wellness journey so they can feel more healthy, happy and radiant from the inside out and find more balance, peace and calm within their busy days. I won a Tatler Award in 2016, have worked with hundreds of women and I have over 20 years experience in the wellness industry.

My experiences with burnout, anxiety and the grief after the death of my younger brother Daniel sent me on a healing journey where I learnt to use the power of self-compassion, love and kindness to transform the relationship I have with myself, my life and how I feel from the inside out. 

I blend my own inner wisdom alongside my knowledge and expertise in Women's Health, Breathwork, Meditation, Intuitive Readings, Movement, Nutrition and Somatic Healing modalities to guide my clients back home to their heart and authentic self so they can feel more confident, calm and peaceful within.

Find more balance in your busy world, experience more calm and inner peace, rebuild your confidence and reclaim your energy and zest for life!

Book Your Spot

  • The Softening.💕

    An 8-Week Live Online Group Energy Healing Programme for Women.
    • Breathwork, Meditation, Somatic Healing, Self-Care and more.
  • The Softening, 2 Month Payment Plan.💕

    Every month
    An 8-Week Live Online Group Healing Programme for Women.
    Valid for 2 months
    • Breathwork, Meditation, Somatic Healing, Self-Care and More.
  • Who is this programme right for?
    The Healing Room is suitable for all women who would like support and guidance to balance their nervous system and heal their inner world so they can move from anxious, lost and burnt out to feeling peaceful, free and empowered from the inside out.
  • What happens if I miss a live session?
    Every live session within The Healing Room is recorded and the replay uploaded into the membership so you will never miss a session. The library is full of beautiful Breathwork, Meditation, Somatic Resources and other wellness resources to support you on your healing journey!
  • What if I have never practiced Breathwork, Meditation, or any of the practices that are included in this programme?
    This programme is open and available to everyone, whether you are new on your healing journey or if you have practiced with me before. It is suitable for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • What if I can't find the time to dedicate to these practices?
    You will receive life time access to these resources and recordings for as long as you are a member, so if you fall behind you can catch up in your own time. The Healing Room will support you to create more space, time and energy for you in your world so you can learn to prioritise time for you and the people and things you love to do in life.
  • Do I get access to Laura?
    Yes absolutely! Once you are a member you can join the Members Hub, which is a beautiful safe space where you can connect with Laura and other members, to find support, guidance and connection on your healing journey.
  • How does payment work?
    Your monthly membership fee is billed once a month, from the date you signed up.
  • Can I cancel my membership at any time?
    I have worked hard to create a safe and welcoming healing space where members use the healing and wellness toolkit provided in the membership as they move through how they feel and navigate the beauty, and the challenges, as well as the ups and downs of life. But if you choose to leave, you can absolutely cancel your membership at any point. When you cancel the next payment will be cancelled and you will have as many days left up until your next payment would have been cancelled.
  • Is this membership the same as medical advice?
    No, this membership is not a substitute for medical advice from your GP or doctor. When you sign up for the membership you will agree to the membership as a toolkit for psychoeducational purposes only. This membership is not suitable for those at risk of experiencing extreme levels of distress or safety concerns.

Feel Slower. Softer. Calmer.

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