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121 Breathwork Sessions & Intuitive Readings with Laura

If you are feeling stuck, going through a challenging time or you are unsure which direction you are heading or what to do next, Laura's 1:1 Breathwork sessions and Intuitive Readings will support you with the intuitive guidance, insights and the clarity you desire to feel more peaceful, free and empowered within your life. These sessions will open your heart so you can experience a deeper sense of safety, peace, love and clarity deep within. They include  Breathwork practices and Intuitively channelled Guidance regarding your healing, self-love and your Soul journey. 


121 Breathwork Session

This session will open your heart, liberate you from your challenges and bring a deeper sense of peace, freedom and clarity deep within. Breathwork can empower you to transform your life in so many profound and beautiful ways so you can live your life to the fullest!


121 Intuitive Reading

This session includes a beautiful blend of Intuitive and Soul Guidance to support you to connect with your soul and the intuitive guidance you need in your life, your relationships, your healing journey and your purpose right now. It is a one of my most popular sessions and includes Intuitive channeled Guidance regarding your healing, self-love, energy clearing and Soul journey.

Laura is a gifted Intuitive Energy Healer and Guide, Breathwork Facilitator and Guided Meditation Coach. Her one to one programmes are highly sought after for her warm and loving approach to her work. Laura's intuitive healing gifts enable her to hold space for her client's in a truly unique way so they too can feel more calm, balanced, happy and loved from the inside out.

“Laura fully embodies her own self-love journey which is truly inspirational. She is incredibly gifted and connected and I have learnt so much and transformed myself on so many levels on my own healing with her. She has given me the Intuitive Guidance, love, nourishment and support I needed to feel more worthy and loved from the inside out.

— SAM, Intuitive Healing & Guidance.


"After every Intuitive Coaching session I am blown away by Laura's insights into what is happening in my life. My mind always feels clearer and the energy in my body is more centred and balanced, as if I am able to take on daily tasks with a sharper lens. Laura is such a caring and calm person, which shows in her sessions as she uses her intuition to guide her.”

— Adele M, Intuitive Healing & Guidance.

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