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One to One Breathwork Experience

Laura also offers one to one Breathwork healing sessions. If you are ready for change or you are feeling the calling to slow down and create a life in true alignment with your own values, Laura's gifts as a Breathwork facilitator and intuitive healer can guide you to a place where can facilitate profound transformation in your inner and outer world, get you aligned with your purpose and back on your own life path, and discover the true magic you hold inside you. 

Breathwork is a powerful practice that can ground, energise, nourish and empower you. It’s profoundly healing and incredibly simple. Breathing deeply can dramatically shift the way you feel in your mind and body. It can bring higher states of awareness and a deep reconnection to self. When we stop and breathe, our physical, mental and energetic bodies are given the opportunity to heal. 

Her intuitive healing gifts enable Laura to hold space for her client's in a truly unique way, and through her intuitive insight and the processes she’s developed as an energy healer, participants are supported in experiencing massive change as they reconnect with themselves through the breath and as they open up to a new way of living in the moment. 

75 minute initial breathwork session


In a private Zoom session, which is £111 for 75mins you will experience a full Transformational Breathwork healing sessions with Laura customised to your specific needs. The 75 minutes will give you time to share anything with Laura that you would like to work on for your healing as well as a full Transformational Breathwork session to a beautiful playlist followed by a deep relaxation. 

Intuitive Guidance transformation programmes. 

Contact Laura directly for more information on availability and prices

The benefits of a 1:1 Breathwork with Laura:

Alleviate anxiety, stress & depression
Build immunity 
Reconnect to your inner self 
Release unhelpful behaviour patterns
Shed old stories and emotions 
Feel more energised
Generate a new sense of freedom & inspiration 
Move beyond what you thought was possible
Relax and sleep more deeply 
Detoxify mind and body 
Develop confidence and self-trust

“I wanted to try Angelic Reiki to find calm in what was an anxious time for me and I hoped to fid some sort of guidance and help with my own mindset. Laura is extremely intuitive and tapped into my busy mind and feelings quickly. she was able to hone in on specific thoughts I had and was able to channel and provide me with pieces of advice, guidance and actions that I could take away and use in both my professional and personal life. To my surprise the sessions are just as effective virtually! There is something magical about Laura and I would highly recommend a session with her”

— Emma K, Intuitive Healing & Guidance.


“I've had a few Angelic Reiki sessions with Laura and each time I am blown away by her insights into what is happening in my life. After a healing session with Laura my mind always feels clearer and the energy in my body is more centred and balanced, as if I am able to take on daily tasks with a sharper lens. Laura is such a caring and calm person, which shows in her sessions as she uses her intuition to guide her. I look forward to future treatments with her.”

— Adele M, Intuitive Healing & Guidance.

Start your journey.

Explore my services page here to pick your breathwork or meditation adventure. If you’re not sure what to choose, book a free 15-minute discovery call to find the best pathway for you

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