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Certified in Breathwork group facilitation with David Elliot (Breathwork Healer Training levels 1-4), and with extensive teaching experience and working as an intuitive healer, Laura facilitates profound transformation in her in-person and online Breathwork sessions.

Laura's intuitive healing gifts enable her to hold space for her client's in a truly unique way so that they can connect back to their own inner world, open their heart, discover the true magic they hold within themselves and realise their worth. Through Laura's intuitive insight and the processes she’s developed as an energy healer, participants are supported in experiencing massive change.

Classes are widely themed for a deep healing experience, and live and online sessions are generally held once a month. You can learn more below about the benefits of Breathwork, how it works, and how to begin or further explore your Breathwork journey!​


Scroll down to the bottom of this page to listen to a free guided Breathwork meditation. 

It is known as Transformational Breathwork and it truly is!

Music is an essential part of the experience and I love putting the playlists together for my classes as they are unique for each session. Your playlist is unique and will be sent to you afterwards for you to enjoy and breathe to. // Click here to listen //

What is Breathwork?

This Breathwork is 3-part technique active meditation, breathing technique, based in Pranayama, which will help to calm your mind and ‘get out of your head and into your body’, allowing you to move from thinking to feeling.  Your breath will guide you as you open your heart, allowing you to heal on a deeper level. It will nourish and ground you, and it will empower you to access the magic you hold within you.  The practice opens the door for self-exploration and guides you towards a deeper personal sense of self-love. By allowing your body to be the guide, you will receive the insight to meet yourself where you are, allowing you to see yourself and your situation clearly.

The benefits of Breathwork.

  1. It will bring you a deeper sense of inner peace as it helps to quiet your mind.

  2. Balances your nervous system and reconnects you to your intuition and purpose.

  3. It can help you to release and move through a build up of unprocessed thoughts, feelings, fear and energies. Helping you to release any feelings of self-doubt.

  4. Takes you on a healing journey that will bring you more clarity, illuminating your purpose and opens your heart.

  5. You will transform the relationship you have with yourself, helping you develop a deeper sense of self-love/ self-worth.

What happens physically.

This three-stage breathing pattern stimulates the autonomic and parasympathetic nervous system which supports your body as it falls into a deeply relaxed and meditative state, helping you to access the regenerative brain wave frequencies of theta and delta. These deeper states are the gateway to your intuition, memory and self-healing abilities. The subconscious accounts for an estimated 90% of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. Common results include relief from physical and emotional pain, release of stuck trauma, toxins and trapped energy, deep relaxation, heightened states of inner peace and  immunity.

What to Expect.

For every class you will need a mat and space where you can get really comfortable. You may need an eye pillow or blanket. We’ll start by opening the circle with some deep breaths and a mini meditation. There will be a demonstration of the breathing and we’ll lay down, cover our eyes and breathe. It’s your experience, so it is important to listen to your body. We will then do the active part of the Breathwork which is around 25 minutes and this is followed by your resting breath which gives you the insight to experience your energy on a new level. Music is also an essential part of the experience and the playlists I put together are unique for each session, you will have access to this after the session.


“I just wanted to say that was amazing, oh my gosh, I didn’t want to speak at the end in case I got emotional! I could feel so much energy moving with the breathwork and your instructions were so easy to follow so thank you for that. Your voice is very calming and the music choice was beautiful. Everything you did tonight was like a complete release of all the emotions I have been holding onto. The tears came and then the relaxation at the end was beautiful. I can’t wait for the next one.

— Sam M, Breathwork Client.

Laura is passionate and dedicated in the pursuit of self care, whilst being honest and relatable. Her approachable nature makes you feel very welcome and at ease as she gently guides you through the process with no judgemenT. As a mother of young children, my mind is full of 'noise' but these sessions are giving me practical tools to let go, relax and calm my body and mind.. I'm personally finding that they help bring more clarity into my life and enabling me to let go of some of life's unnecessary stresses. x

— Clare N, Meditation Client.

Laura made sure that everyone felt welcome and safe and knew exactly what they should be doing. The session itself was truly transformational! I felt sensations I'd never felt before which have taught me a lot about how I hold on to stress and what I need to work on going forward. It basically allowed my body to tell me what it needed in a truly relaxed state and how I could help it function and feel better. So fascinating! I can't wait for the next one now!

— Suzie E, Breathwork Client.

“I suffer with bad anxiety which has been heightened through the pandemic and I knew I needed to find a a way to shut down...well learn a way. Through Laura's Guided Meditation sessions I am learning to step back and breath, to connect with myself and my own needs. Being honest with myself about how I feel is hard...I'm the one who looks after others. Laura's caring nature helps and being with a warm group of people. I am so pleased I have created this time for me each week!”

— Tiffany C, Meditation Client.

Breathwork & Meditation FAQ.

Breathwork and Guided Meditation can help you to:

Alleviate anxiety, stress & depression
Build immunity 
Reconnect to your inner self 
Release unhelpful behaviour patterns
Shed old stories and emotions 
Feel more energised
Generate a new sense of freedom & inspiration 
Move beyond what you thought was possible
Relax and sleep more deeply 
Detoxify mind and body 
Develop confidence and self-trust



A yoga mat

A cushion and a blanket

An eye pillow/ sleep mask or small towel to cover your eyes

Water bottle


• Each practise will take place on Zoom (your Zoom link will be sent out the week prior to the event)

• Video Recording - For each Breathwork practice you will receive a recording of the session so you can practise in your own time or catch up if you do not attend the live session

• Breathwork Practise is 90 minutes and a Guided Meditation is 30-35 minutes. 


• Anyone who would like to breathe with me. Even if you have never experience this type of breathwork before. It will change you.

• Anyone who identifies as an empath or highly sensitive, and would like some tools to balance and clear their energy.

• Anyone who wants to cultivate more clarity, calm and connection with their body and their own inner voice.

• Anyone who would like to shift or shake up stagnant energy.



• It is not for you if you are not willing to lean in to discomfort. Breathwork is breath WORK which means you cannot be passive in this process.

• It is not for you if you feel resistant to a little bit of magic.

• It is not for you if you are pregnant. We are shifting a lot of energy around the lower energy centres and I would like you to be safe. If you have a complex health condition please consult with your doctor before joining.

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Start your journey

I offer Breathwork and Meditation events and one to one guidance. Explore my site for more information, but if you’re not sure what to choose, book a free 15-minute discovery call to find the best pathway for you.

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