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Welcome to
Your Inner Glow


Take the first steps today to make self-care a part of your weekly routine.

Your Inner Glow is a monthly membership programme run by Laura Uglow which will support and guide you (guilt free!) as you begin to  honour your own needs and nourish your body, mind and soul. This programme is for you are ready to; 

  • Give yourself full permission to slow down and rest your body and mind.

  • Replace feelings of anxiety with feelings of trust, love and peace deep within. 

  • Find more balance in your busy days. 

  • Claim your own moments of calm in and amongst the daily chaos.

  • Re-discover your energy, vitality and your inner glow.

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Calm your mind, relax your body and soothe your soul.

Inside the membership...
You'll receive access to weekly live online (via Zoom) Guided Meditations, live monthly Breathwork sessions, monthly workshops, a library of Guided Meditations and Breathwork sessions and other resources as well as an understanding community where you can get support from Laura. 

Client Love

"Laura is passionate and dedicated in the pursuit of self care, whilst being compassionate, honest and relatable. Being part of a group every week strengthens my intention and commitment, and the beauty of joining remotely is that I can personalise my own environment. As a mother of young children, my mind is full of 'noise' but these sessions are giving me the practical tools I need to let go, relax deeply and to calm my body and mind. I also feel more confident and I have more clarity in making decisions."

Clare N, Your Inner Glow Member

Your Inner Glow Membership

Choose your pricing plan

  • Your Inner Glow

    Every month
    Love, nourish, heal and glow from the inside out.
    • LIVE Weekly 30 minute Guided Meditation (9pm Monday)
    • LIVE Monthly Transformational Breathwork (Thursday 8.15pm)
    • Online library of 10/15/30 minute Meditation sessions
    • Online library of Breathwork sessions
    • Priority access & discounts on special events & workshops
    • Access to Laura in a Private Facebook Community

Here's what's included in your membership...

Weekly Live Guided Meditation

Every Monday (weekly) at 9pm - 30 minute sessions with Laura (zoom).

Library of Breathwork Sessions

Pre-recorded Breathwork sessions available for you in the library.

Monthly Breathwork Session

1 x Monthly Breathwork session with Laura (zoom) on a Thursday 8.15pm.

Membership Support Community 

Receive support & email guidance. from Laura as well as your sessions. 

Library of Guided Meditations

Over 100 guided meditations of different lengths in the library. 

Monthly events and Member Discounts

Discounts and priority access to events and workshops. 

Laura has created Your Inner Glow to support you on your journey to share with you the self-care tools she has discovered on her own healing journey so you can experience more confidence, calm and joy in your life. She has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years and has trained in Guided Meditation, Transformational Breathwork and Nutrition and she is a gifted Intuitive Reiki Guide and Healer.


Having discovered these tools after her own experience with grief, exhaustion, anxiety and

burnout, she is passionate about sharing them with women all over the world. Laura knows the importance of prioritising time for stillness, rest and calm, acknowledging your own feelings and releasing the guilt in order to develop a deep sense of self-love and self-worth within.


Your Inner Glow Membership and Community is for you if you want to;

  • Create more space for you each week.

  • Experience deep relaxation. 

  • Feel more calm and peaceful from the inside out.

  • Nourish your body, mind and soul. 

  • Honour your own needs, feelings and desires.

  • Improve your self-worth and feel more confident. 

  • Feel more energised.

  • Be more open to the joy, the laughter and the fun.

Laura’s guided mediation sessions have been transformative for me.  I used to dread Mondays but I now really look forward to them.  The sessions are a perfect way to start the week feeling clear-headed and calm.  Laura focusses on a different theme each month and they are always highly relevant to what’s going on my life and head!  The style and structure of the sessions work really well for me and it’s clear that Laura cares deeply about the topics and puts a lot of thought into what we might need from the sessions.  I’ve tried a few online meditation sessions and none compare to Laura’s.  I highly recommend them.

- Laura F, Your Inner Glow Member


“I have been a member of Your Inner Glow for 15 months. I look forward to Laura's Guided Meditation sessions every Monday at 9pm and I  would highly recommend them! Her sessions allow me to slow down and take time for myself. They have helped with my sleep and my overall mental health. If I miss a session I really notice the difference. She has a wonderful calming voice and manner and she is an excellent and inspiring teacher. I feel more balanced and calm now I have given myself permission to take care of myself and honour my own needs each week."

- Maryam S, Your Inner Glow Member

Re-discover Your Inner Glow.

♡  love  ♡  nourish  ♡  heal  ♡  glow  ♡

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