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Work with Laura

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1:1 Breathwork & Soul Guidance Sessions

If you are feeling stuck, going through a challenging time or you are unsure which direction you are heading or what to do next, Laura's 1:1 Breathwork & Guiding Light sessions will support you with the intuitive guidance, insights and the clarity you desire to feel more empowered, worthy and confident in your life. These sessions will open your heart so you can experience a deeper sense of safety, peace, love and clarity deep within. They include  Intuitively channelled Guidance regarding your healing, self-love and your Soul journey. 

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Group Programmes

Laura's signature 8-week Group Healing Programme, The Softening, is for Women ready to live a life that feels slower, softer and more aligned with their soul and authentic self. If you feel life is moving too fast and you keep finding your needs bumped to the bottom of the pile, this course will guide you on a journey where you can connect more deeply with your true self and support you to feel safe in your body to rest, love and take care of your body, mind and soul in the way it so desperately needs. The next round starts in Jan 2024. Click here for more details

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1:1 Programmes

Coming Home to You is a 12-week 1:1 Intuitive energy healing programme with Laura which will guide and support you as you strengthen your inner world and overcome any anxiety, exhaustion, grief, sadness, self-doubt and negative beliefs that are holding you back so you can come home to a beautiful place of peace & joy within you. You will feel more confident, aligned with your purpose and able to live life to the full. You will learn to love yourself fully and completely as you are so you can shine your light brightly for you and lift the world around you.

Client Love

'Laura came into my life at the right time and has transformed it from the inside out. I have released & let go of emotional challenges & anxieties from the past & I feel more confident & able to live my life to the full. I have deepened my sense of self-love & my understanding that it all begins within. Laura has been a guardian angel to me and I trust Laura to guide me through this life changing journey.'

Venita S

Laura is a gifted Intuitive Energy Healer and Guide, Breathwork Facilitator and Guided Meditation Coach. Her one to one programmes are highly sought after for her warm and loving approach to her work, and her signature 1 to 1 programmes have been thoughtfully created using a magical combination of the self-love tools that she has spent many years training within and that have given her the profound transformation she has received in her own life.

Laura's intuitive healing gifts enable her to hold space for her client's in a truly unique way so they too can feel more calm, balanced, happy and loved from the inside out.

Client Love

There is something magical about Laura.

She is extremely intuitive and was able to channel and provide me with pieces of advice, guidance and actions that I could use in my personal and professional life.

I would highly recommend a session with her!

Emma K, 

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